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Embroidery is an art of decorating fabric or other materials with designs stitching in strands of thread or yarn using a needle. Some other materials are using in embroidery as metal strips, pearls, beads, quills and sequins.

 Embroidery is also said to be a special kind of art that comprises of needlework and motifs. It is an art of creativity that involves a mind of imagination and hands on practice. Today, hand embroidery is a major part in our daily life clothing and house decorating items. This ancient art of threadwork is a way of creating designs and pictures by using various strands on a particular piece of fabric.

 The art of embroidery resembles the mans natural admiration for beauty awakened by what he sees, feels and experiences. There are several types of hand embroidery. Each one differs in its technique that is used and designs, patterns that are created. Most common types of hand embroidery includes cross stitch, canvas work, ribbon embroidery and black work embroidery.

 Hand Embroidery of Kutch

 Kutch is the name famous for its traditional hand embroidery. Women of Kutch produce a string of embroidered articles in their leisure time. This indigenous art is flourished under the patronage of princely states. Hand embroidery of Kutch gains a different popularity in Indian as well as foreign markets. This is a unique type of hand embroidery that involves rich and ethnic styles.

 Mainly the embroidery from Banni region has earned a good name among the art connoisseurs in the world. Banni women are capable to create a second nature by using a string of variety colors even in the absence of natural fauna and flora. On the whole hand embroidery of Kutch is having a distinct style of needlework.

 Especially the mirror work of Kutch is really a myriad of styles, which can present a rich texture and map of ethnic groups. There is a unique form of colors, stitches, patterns and rules in using them.

 Some Luminous patterns of Kutch Hand Embroidery
 Rabari Hand Embrodery
 Rabaris are mainly settled in postural Kutch. Rabari women are known for their gorgeous and impressive hand embroidery. Ornamentation in Kutch is done by using minute and close chain stitches. Their embroidery work is quite similar to Saurashtra style. Rabaris make use of different shapes of mirrors including triangular, round square and almond shaped.
 Suf Hand Embroidery
 Suf hand embroidery is done by Sodha Rajput and Harijan women who migrated from Pakistan in 1971. They settled in zura, Sumraser, Fragper and other bordering villages of Banaskatha District. It is sometimes called as Sodha Bharat. They make use of satin thread by inserting the needle from behind the cloth and designs come on the front side.
 Jat Hand Embroidery
 Jats are migrated from Baluchistan via Pakistan and settled in Kutch. Chain and inter chain stitches along with interlacing and button hole stitches are famous among their embroidery work. Mirrors of small dimensions are inserted in between with great care. These types of embroideries are closely related to their life style.

 Mutava Hand Embroidery
 Mutava hand embroidery is derived from its name Mutava means Maldhari. It is said to be sub caste of Muslims living in Banni. Mutava hand embroidery is the finest of all the other embroidery arts in Banni. The work is carried out by using silk threads and this work is extremely complicated.

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